Ecclesiastes -Wisdom for Living Well- Bible Study- Solomon’s God Encounter. Lesson 4.

A God Encounter.

Verse of the Day:

But seek first the Kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.

 Mathew 6:33

(A verse to add to your scripture journal.)

A God encounter:

Do you remember the day, the year or what age you were when you had your first God Encounter? 

Courtney Joseph mentions in her study guide that she was just five years old when she confessed her sins; placed her faith in Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross and believed in the resurrection of Jesus Christ. What a blessing for Courtney to be able to understand the idea of this and to place her faith in Jesus at such a young age.  On that day Jesus became the Lord of Courtney’s life.  

I met the Lord when I was a young girl too.  I was around two or three years old.  I could have been even younger than that since I am not able to determine an exact day or year. I know I was very small when God spoke to me during a frightening situation in my life.  It was an experience that I will write about in the near future.  

The age you were when you had your first God encounter is not important.  Having the God encounter experience, is what is important.  

And when you accepted Jesus into your heart and let Him become Lord of your life that is what is important.  

Write a paragraph about your God encounter.  

  • What was your experience?  

  • Where were you at when this happened?  

  • Who were you with?

In 1 Kings chapters one and two, we read the story of Solomon being anointed as King and the final words of his father David’s advice to him.  David told Solomon:

  • “Be strong, and show yourself a man, and keep the charge of the Lord your God, walking in His ways and keeping His statutes, His commandments, His rules, and His testimonies, as it is written in the Law of Moses, that you may prosper in all that you do and wherever you turn.”  1 Kings 2:2-3 (esv).

Then David died and his son, Solomon, sat on the throne.

A significant spiritual experience occurred in Solomon’s life when God appeared to him in a dream.  God told Solomon to ask for whatever he wanted, and God would give it to him.  

What did Solomon ask for according to 1 Kings 3:5-15?  

  • Solomon asked God to give him an understanding heart to judge the people.  He asked God to give him an understanding to tell between the good and the bad people.  

  • Solomon asked God for wisdom and knowledge to be the King of Israel. 

Solomon would have been in his late teens to early twenties when he became the King of Israel.  He humbly knew he needed wisdom to govern Israel.

If God asked you to tell Him what you want and you can have it, what would you have asked for?  

If God asked you that same question at that young age-would you have answered wisdom?  

  • I think I would have asked for knowledge and wisdom too.  If I was going to run a country I would want to be taught by God in how to handle the role as King.

God was pleased with Solomon’s request for wisdom and He granted it. God also added additional blessings Solomon did not ask for including great riches and honor.  According to 2 Chronicles 1:12, Solomon would become the wisest and wealthiest man who ever lived.  He would have no equal.  

Do you ever wish God would grant you this same wisdom?  And add in some riches and honor as a bonus?

  • I know I sure do.  I always pray for more wisdom and of course riches and honor would be a welcome blessing.

Now turn to the New Testament in your Bible.  Read Jesus’ words in Matthew 6:28-34.  Here Jesus mentions Solomon and his wealth.  

What does Jesus say three times we ought not to be?

  • Jesus says, “do not worry about what we shall eat or what we shall drink or what we shall wear.

  • Do not worry about tomorrow.

  • Each day has its own worry and trouble.  

  • “But seek ye first His Kingdom and His righteousness, and all of these things will be given to you.  Matthew 6:33.  

Is there something you are anxious about today?  

Write a paragraph about what you are anxious about?

  • I’m often anxious about getting the bills paid.  I have no need for this anxiety; but it has been a habit of mine for my entire life.  The anxiety does not pay the bills but can cause more problems.  When you trust in the Lord with all your heart; the things you are in need of will be met.  Even when it doesn’t seem like things could possible work out; It ends up working out in the end.  

Write a prayer handing over your worries to God.  Here is my prayer you can use for an example; but make your own personal to your life.

  • Dear God, I pray to you in Jesus name.  From this day forward, I give you all of my worries.  The load is too heavy for me to carry; so I give all of my worry to you God. I know that if I’m in need of anything, you already know what I need and will see to it that my needs are met.  Even when times look bleak here on earth; you are with me.  I have seen for myself how your miracles work when worry sets in for the needs in life; and you have shown me not to worry.  I trust in you Lord with all of my heart.  Thank you for taking my worries away.  I pray to you God, in Jesus name, Amen.

Thank you Women walking with Jesus for committing to do this Bible Study with me.  Let’s start our day with a prayer seeking God first everyday.  Keep seeking God’s Word and you will continue to learn.  Put His righteousness first and watch how God transforms your anxious minds into peaceful minds instead.  Pursue peace by pursuing Him.  God, the King of Kings.

This concludes lesson 4.  Thank you for joining me In Women Walking With Jesus Bible Study.

You can find my lessons on my website; Facebook Group; and I have a Facebook Messenger Group for chatting about lessons, christian music choices; and to discuss lessons with each other.

 Have a blessed day!  🙂                                                    

We are Women Walking with Jesus.  🙂

Ecclesiastes -Wisdom for Living Well- Bible Study. Born Again. Lesson 3.

At the end of lesson 2

 I mentioned that we would begin lesson 3 with scripture and prayer to be Born Again.  

If you have already been born again, a review of God’s Word is food for the soul.  So a review of John 3:1-16 is a good idea.

One thing for sure is that there is never too much praying; Amen!  

Get out your Bible and turn to John 3:1-16 and read what it says.  

  • A man of the Pharisees named Nicodemus, who was a ruler of the jews, came at night to see Jesus. He knew Jesus was a teacher that came from God because no man could do the miracles that He was doing.  

  • Jesus answered him saying; “except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.”

  • Nicodemus could not understand how a grown man could go back into their mother’s womb and be born again.  

  • So Jesus told him, “unless a man is born of water and spirit, he cannot enter into the kingdom of heaven.” “The flesh is born of flesh and the spirit is born of spirit.”   Jesus promises Nicodemus that everything He is saying is true.  

  • “Whoever believes in God will not perish, but have eternal life.”  

  • “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son; so whoever believes in Him will not perish, but have everlasting life.”  

  • So before John was cast into prison; he baptized many people.

  • image

 Memorize the scripture John 3:16.    

For God so loved the world, that He gave His only born son as sacrifice. Whoever will believe in Jesus should not perish, but have eternal everlasting life.  

Read John 3:1-16.  

  • Confess this to God; having no doubt in your heart that God’s Word is true; and trust in the Lord completely; even beyond your own understanding.   

  • Believe that Jesus is your Savior;  

  • Believe you are born again and have eternal life.  

  • You are saved. born again by God’s new covenant to His people through Jesus.   You are like a new person in Jesus Christ.  

  • Things will begin to change over the days and you will get better at understanding God’s Holy Bible.  

  • His scripture and how to use His word for effective prayer in your life will be revealed to you.  

(Remember to write John 3:16  in your journal after this).

Baptism is often part of the ritual after becoming Born Again. Along with prayer of John 3:16.

You might have been baptised as an infant or a child at the family church.

  • How much did this mean as a child personally?  

  • Did you understand the meaning of being baptised?  

  • What is your memory of baptism?  

Here is what I remember about being baptised as a child:  

  • I was baptised at age 10 in a church that my mom attended for a short time.

  • My baby brother was baptised that day too.  

  • I remember dressing up in nice clothes and going to church.  

  • In a small room there was what looked like a bird bath to me in the middle of the floor and it even had water in it.  

  • A man dressed in a heavy white robe with a scarf around his neck came in.  I was instructed to stand in front of the bird bath and the man in the robe began praying. I could not understand the words that came out of his mouth, even though I really tried. It wasn’t a real comfortable situation.

  •  He then held my face and placed three drops of water across my head while mumbling more words that I couldn’t understand.  

  • When he was done I thanked God that it was over!  (Quietly, to myself).
  • My poor baby brother cried his little heart out, he was terrified by what was happening to him.  As a baby he had no idea what was going on!

  •  I didn’t either at 10 years old.  

  • We both got a Certificate of Baptism for the event.

In my late 20’s I had an adult mindset and I made a choice to get baptised again.  This time I knew the reason I was getting baptised and the meaning of the ceremony.

  • I believed in the Lord without a doubt.

  • I wanted the blessings of wisdom and knowledge.

  • I wanted uunderstanding of the scriptures that were written in God’s Bible.  

I chose the total submersion method of baptism.  Where your whole body is placed in the water.  

  • A real spiritual experience happened to me that day and I was able to understand scriptures over many seasons now.  

  • Since being Born Again & Saved I have gained much knowledge over the many seasons it has already been since that day. 

  • I am anointed with the knowledge of God’s word.  And Jesus does live in my heart.  

  • I have been shown how to use the scriptures in my real life to move mountains; and find peace through difficult times.

  • Baptism is an option that you can think about and talk about with your loved ones.  The main thing is for you to want to get baptized for the right reasons. Want this for yourself so that you grow in your relationship with God.  

  • The scripture of John 3:16 is sufficient at to be Saved and Born Again.

  • We will study the book of John in a different Bible Study.

  • This concludes our insert on becoming Saved and Born again. 

  • You now have the necessary scripture to pray for yourself to be a Born Again Christian.  

  • Saved by the blood of Jesus.

  • Invite friends and family to join you so they can be saved too.

  • Thank you for joining me in becoming Saved.  

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    fruit tree flowers on the white wooden background.

We are Women Walking with Jesus.  🙂



Ecclesiastes-Wisdom for Living Well- Bible Study- Your Story. Lesson 2 continued.

Review discussion questions from lesson 2:

1.  Do you have peace today?  Why or why not?

Today I feel peace with my current life decisions to make my life better regardless of how other people behave.  I’m at peace with my husband and the family I do have available.  I’m at peace with my decision to write poetry, quotes, articles, and about life in general.  I’m feeling at peace learning and teaching Bible study.  Although there are negative issues occuring aroung me; I feel at peace with my decision to cut out the negative so I can remain positive.

 2.  What is your parent’s story and how does it intertwine with your story?  Did they have peace?

My parent’s story:  My dad was an abusive man.  He beat my mom nearly every day and would call her bad names, etc… There was not any peace in the household really since I never knew when my dad would fly off the handle.  As a little girl I had to take care of my mom after my dad would beat her because he would just leave the house afterwards.  I talked her into being brave enough to leave him when I was approximately 8 years old.  Their story intertwines with mine in that I accidentally found an abusive man that I thought I was in love with.  Luckily I realized this was happening; so I would not allow abuse and would leave or move completely out.  It took me awhile to get totally away from this man as he would always return telling me that he loved me.  Believe him? Or not?  A few years of back and forth in this situation led me to finally leave him and never return.  Unfortunately my mom never found complete peace and is passed away now.  My dad ran off to live a life of wealth with a new family and forgot about me completely.  He is an example of how money can be the root of all evil.  I eventually found a great husband that does not have violence in his upbringing.  Thank you God!

Everyone desires peace in their life; but to obtain that peace is often a struggle.  Too many things and too many people get in the way of simply just living a life full of peace.  Remember that life is precious so don’t waste time on the negatives of the world, but instead focus on what and who is a positive influence in your daily life.                                                                            

Take a moment to relax.  Wherever you feel comfortable just close your eyes, and relax.  Do deep breathing excersizes; breathe in through the nose slowly; hold it for a second;  and now let out the air slowly and then repeat.  Do this about 5-10 times,  stopping at any time if you start feeling light headed.  Whenever your peace is challenged either by the things in the world or the people try this deep breathing excersize to gain an inner peace.  Don’t let the world suck you into its negative aura. But continue to help yourself overcome each situation by the peace from within your soul.  Just breathe!            

How is your day going?                                                          

Do you have peace today?

Ask yourself this question daily.  Do you have peace today? Or is something or someone interferring with your peace? We can have days where we feel both peace and later we do not.  Whatever might be the case; we need to focus on peace throughout the day.  With all of the negative worldly issues and demands put on us at all times isn’t easy to keep a calm and peaceful demeaner. Being at peace is also a health benefit to the body.  Being more peaceful can help in lowering blood pressure; anxiety; and depression as well as many other ailments.  Diet and rest are also an important factor.  In order for us to find peace we need to feed our entire body with nutrients.  The deep peace that lives in our hearts is provided by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  Amen!               

3.  All generations of people over the years investigate real life issues and questions.  

They ask questions like;  

  • Who am I? 

  • And why am I here?  

  • What is the meaning and purpose of my life?  

  • These are good questions to ask yourself. I too, have asked myself these same questions.  Maybe an answer doesn’t just pop into your head and you get frustrated trying to figure it out…  Take a break. Go back to the deep breathing excersizes above so you can find your inner peace again; and put these questions on hold for a short period of time.  Throughout this Bible study; pray for knowledge and wisdom.  Pray for the Lord to help you understand what your purpose is and start acting on the answers. Be good to yourself and be patient.

Jesus is our true source of life.  He is knowledge to our souls and wisdom to our ears.  I thank God for giving us a way to salvation.  

  • Have you chosen to follow Jesus?

  • Have you chosen to be born again?

  • In Lesson 3 we will be praying  for those who want to be saved.  

  • And we will pray for those of us already saved to renew our heart and spirit. 

Thank you for joining me today for Lesson 2.  

We are women walking with Jesus.  🙂                                       


Ecclesiastes -Wisdom for Living Well- Bible Study. Your Story. Lesson 2.

Lesson 2 Your Story:

Scriptures to Remember:

  •  “Everyone who drinks of this water will be thirsty again, but whoever drinks of the water that I will give them, will never be thirsty again.  The water that I will give them will become in them a spring of water welling up to eternal life.” John 4:13,14.

  • For everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.  Romans 10:13.

  • Today we will make a scripture journal.  You can get any kind of folder or notebook for this.  Make sure you write Scripture Journal on the front or have something identifying so you know that is your scripture book.  Decorate it however you would like and be colorful and as creative as you would like.  Starting with the two scriptures above; write each verse.  Make sure you leave room between the two scriptures so they are noticeably different scripture.  Without spacing they would run together and it would be difficult to distinguish between the beginning and end of each scripture.

  •  I picked up a cute little notebook from Wal-Mart to use as my journal.  I also got artwork supplies so I can decorate my book as I write down the scripture that I will refer back to when praying.  This is your reference book of the Word of God and His promises for our lives. Here is a photo of my Scripture Journal:

  • NOTE The Scripture in my example are not the scripture I’m asking you to start with.  Please start with the two listed above since it will follow the lessons. Thank you and happy Journaling. 

  • Your Story:  Everyone has a story to tell about their life.  For instance; I grew up in an abusive dysfunctional home and lived on my own since I was fifteen years old.  My husband on the other hand grew up in a two parent home.  He had stability and his parents did not show violence in front of him.  In fact his parents did not ever fight violently.  I grew up poor; however, my husband grew up in a nice middle class neighborhood.  And so on… We clearly had different upbringings and our views about money and spending were different due to our experience.  We learned to work together and change some things that were a problem for us.  We learn as we grow from childhood; but often times the habits we incorporate with relationships; can be stunted by the incorrect subliminal messages from our upbringing.  

So today we are going to look at Solomon’s life in more detail.  Open up your Bible to 2 Samuel 11:5; 14-17. 

  • What did Solomon’s parents do wrong? 

While David was staying in Jerusalem; he awoke one evening and he walked outdoors.  He saw a beautiful woman bathing and David really wanted her.  So he sent the messengers out to inquire after the woman.  The messengers David sent out told David that this woman was Bath-sheba, the daughter of Eliam and the wife of Uriah the Hittite.  But the woman went with the messengers and she lay with David before returning home.  This woman who David lay with became pregnant from that night; and she sent the messengers to tell David that she was with child.  After this news David wrote a letter asking for Uriah to be placed in the front line of the fire.  Many of David’s servants were killed and Uriah of Hittite was killed too.  This was too much for the Lord God to see, and he was very displeased with David.  

  • What happened to this baby according to 2 Samuel 12:15-18?

David and Bath-sheba had an affair which resulted in the birth of their child.  God was unhappy with the sins of David and Bath-sheba had committed against Uriah.  David had not asked God for forgiveness so he was unable to be forgiven.  God put a sickness upon their child and after seven days the child died.  

  • Now read the birth of Solomon in 2 Samuel 12:24.  

After their child died; King David cleaned up, put on clean clothing and then entered the Lord’s house and worshipped.  He confessed his sins and God forgave him.  David’s heart was content and he lay with Bath-sheba, his wife, to comfort her from her loss.  She bare another son of David and they named their son Solomon.  (Shalom in Hebrew, meaning peace).  And the Lord God loved Solomon.  

Everyone wants peace in their hearts.  All of the hustle and bustle of the world and the stress that comes with life; most certainly peace is something each of us seek at the end of the day.  Solomon’s journals in Ecclesiastes show a man who was in search of peace.  He searched for peace his entire life; but in the end, he finally finds it.  Peace!

Peace photo Lesson 2

Thank you for joining me today. 

We are Women Walking With Jesus.  🙂



Ecclesiastes-Wisdom for Living Well- Bible Study. Intro Overview. Lesson 1 continued.

Review discussion questions from Lesson 1:

1.  Did you find that your life is full?

 2.  Do you struggle with feeling full but empty at the same time?

3.  And in what ways?

I discovered that my life feels full, but yet very empty.  I am so full of drama!  Not by choice that is for sure.  The drama filling me up is overwhelming and unfinished incidentals from the past.  As a result I am filled with sadness; stress; depression; and questions.  I do have an abundant amount of faith thank God; and He has carried me through the raging drama of life.  I would not have made it without God in my life as people in the world often choose to keep the drama and throw out the family.  God’s word clearly says to not focus on the things of the world, or be in the company of unbelievers.  God sent Jesus to earth in His image to let people know that Jesus is the light of the world.  If we believe on Him then we have nothing to worry about; even in the midst of the storms.  I do believe this.  Often times we are filled up with the things of the world.  Whether that is people or treasures it doesn’t make a difference.  People and treasures pile up or stop communicating; and result in the feeling of being full.  God wants us to be full of spirit; not sadness and drama.  We cannot change people but we can make changes to ourselves.  Begin to eliminate the things that are filling you up and causing your spirit to dim in the light.  As you replace the negatives with positives in your life, you will become transformed.  The light will get brighter, the emptiness will become full of spirit; and you will replace the full with God while eliminating the “things” holding our hearts hostage making you feel empty.  Start eliminating negative and adding positives today and continue doing this every day for the rest of your life to be able to receive the blessings God has intended for you.   Thank you God for your unconditional love and for Jesus and the opportunity for salvation.  In Jesus name we pray; Amen.

Write a prayer of commitment to God asking for guidance and wisdom and strength to see this study through until the end.  

You will grow in faith, friendships and knowledge.

Hang this prayer in a place that you will see it each day. Decorate your prayer and make this study colorful, fun and joyous!  

Here is my prayer of commitment to God:

 Dear God; I pray to you in Jesus name.  God I’m asking for wisdom and knowledge of your Word so that I can apply it to my daily life and receive the blessings you have promised.  I pray that I’m able to live my life in such a way that is pleasing and acceptable to you, Lord.  God I pray for your wisdom and knowledge so that I can teach others your Word.  Help me with Bible Studies that I teach, and help me have the resources needed to do good work for you. Forgive me because I am a sinner; and thank you for Jesus, and giving us a way to clear our name with you for eternity.  Thank you for helping me teach this entire book of Ecclesiastes and for giving me the knowledge to understand the Words that are written in the book of life.  Thank you God for always being there for me.  Jesus lives in my heart and I will never be forsaken.  Thank you God; thank you Jesus.  In Jesus name; Amen.        

You can use my prayer as a guide to your own and remember we all have different lives so make your prayer personal to your own life.  Remember to ask for the ability to do this entire Bible Study and to receive the blessings that come with learning and applying God’s Word to your life.  

Thank you for joining me this season of  learning the meaning of the Bible book of Ecclesiastes.

Our last project from lesson 1 is to begin writing the scriptures from these lessons. Either make a scripture journal (book) or a notebook, (paper) or index cards to write the scriptures down that I put in the lessons. Sticky notes work to if you have them, ha, ha. The scripture we write today will be available for us to reference in our prayer time as we grow in our faith.  

We are women walking with Jesus. 😇

Ecclesiastes-Wisdom for Living Well- Bible Study. Intro Overview. Lesson 1.

Lesson 1 Preface:  About the authors of the study guide for Ecclesiastes-Wisdom for Living well-Bible Study.

Courtney Joseph and Beverly Wise are a mother-daughter team that wrote this Bible Study Guide, Ecclesiastes-Wisdom for Living Well. Beverly Wise researched the information needed for about nine months before her daughter, Courtney Joseph, turned Beverly’s research into a workbook of knowledge. 

Courtney Joseph and Beverly Wise are a Ministry for Women Team and can be found at Women Living well, LLC. 

Courtney tells us that this book of the Bible is not so sweet, and is straight to the point.  This book rocked her to the core; and we should expect no less.  Courtney says that when we are open to our biggest inner struggles; it is then, that real and genuine life changes take place.  I thank these women for coming into the lives of so many women. It is a blessing for me to lead this study; and I know it is a blessing that we’ve met here together to specifically focus on the book of Ecclesiastes.

Lesson 1 About this book:

Ecclesiastes is a book in the Holy Bible.  It is pronounced (ko-hel-eth) and is spelled (Qoheleth) in Hebrew.  The meaning of Ecclesiastes is that of a teacher; a preacher; or a chosen leader.  The word assembly in Greek is pronounced (ekklesia).  Assembly was also known as church. For the people had an assembly; a coming together to listen to the gospel of Jesus Christ.  The two words put together created this English version,  Ecclesiastes.  Ecclesiastes was written by King Solomon between 970 and 930 B.C.

Lesson 1 Discussion:  About the author of Ecclesiastes:  It’s important  when you read a book in the Bible, to establish the author, time it was written, and the purpose of the book.  So let’s look at take a look.  In Beverly’s research she discovered that not all scholars agree; but traditionally the view is that of King Solomon as being the author.  We are going to look at the details that point to King Solomon as being the author of Ecclesiastes.

Open your Bible to the book of Ecclesiastes and read 1:1.  The author never calls himself by name.  What are three qualities he used to describe himself?

1. The words of the Preacher.

2.  The son of David.

3.  King in Jerusalem.       

Look at Ecclesiastes 1:16 and 2:9.  What do the verses we just read tell us about the author? 

  • That he had a long life filled with wisdom and knowledge, more than those that lived before him in Jerusalem.   

  • He was great; and produced more than all of the Kings that were before him. 

  • And he remained wise throughout his lifetime.

 Now look at Ecclesiastes 12.9  

What did the preacher teach the people?  

  • The preacher was wise and he taught the people knowledge about God.  He set in order, (wrote) many proverbs and songs. 

Now let’s compare what we learned above about the author to what the Bible says about King Solomon.  1Kings 4:29-34.

How are the two similar?

  1.  God gave Solomon wisdom and knowledge exceeding other people.

   2.  Solomon’s fame was known in all nations.

   3.  And he spoke many proverbs and songs.

   4.  The people gathered to hear the wisdom.

In Ecclesiastes 2:4-10 the author describes his vast wealth.  Describe his life below:

  • The author became very wealthy building houses and planting vineyards.  

  • He made gardens and orchids and he planted trees to bear fruit.

  •  He made pools of water to water the trees.

  • The author had maids and servants some that were born in His house.  

  • The author had great possessions of cattle and possessed gold and silver and peculiar treasures of kings.  

  • He got men and women singers musical instruments of all kinds.  

  • He was great and kept his wisdom forever.  

  • He did not withhold joy and his heart and He rejoiced in his labour.

Now compare Solomon’s wealth in 1 Kings 10:21-27.

  •  Solomon had pure gold.  

  • King Solomon exceeded all of the kings of the earth for riches and wisdom.  

  • All of the earth sought Solomon to hear the wisdom God put in his heart.

  •  Pleasure, success and riches cannot make people happy.

So it’s clear that the author of Ecclesiastes is King Solomon.

 He most likely wrote this book near the end of his life as he reflected on His past.  We can be thankful that a man of His wisdom sought meaning in all the wrong places and wrote it all down in a journal so that we can be saved the heartache of seeking fulfillment in the wrong places today.  

Lesson 1
Is your life full?
  • Write a paragraph about your situation.  

  • Is your life full?  Explain why?

  • Do you struggle with feeling too full, yet empty?  Explain?

  • In what ways is your life too full? 

  • Why do you still feel empty?

Thank you for joining me.  We are Women Walking With Jesus.  🙂