Women Walking With Jesus is an Online Christian Ministry for Women.

**Inspiring Women To Overcome Barriers**

Women Walking with Jesus is a Christian Ministry focused on helping women overcome the barriers in their lives through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

No matter what you are facing whether it be chronic pain, autoimmune Illnesses, other health issues, family relationships or life changing situations, putting God first in your life will make a difference.

By applying the Word of God to our daily lives we can live the happiest life possible and we can overcome the barriers that we run into along the way.

By accepting Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior, we acknowledge that we are born again, and that our sins are all forgiven. We start anew; the old is cast away, in Jesus name.

Read my Christian Belief Statement for more information on this Christian Ministry.

Join Me For Bible Studies And for weekly uplifting Christian posts and Bible knowledge.

Thank you all for joining me in this walk of life with Jesus.

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Christian Belief Statement

It’s important to inform all readers of my Christian Belief Statement.

This website is a Christian non-denominational site. The Christian standards presented here will be referenced from the Holy Bible, King James Version. It will be noted if the information has been taken out of a different version of the Holy Bible. I will reference and compare scripture from the KJV to other versions as noted.

I believe in the Holy Bible and that it is in fact the Word of God. I believe that God created the earth in six days and on the seventh day He rested. I believe that God created all of the animals, two by two and that God created Adam and Eve the first man and woman, to reproduce and complete the earth. God’s anointed prophets wrote down what they saw and what the Holy Spirit inspired them to write for all of the future generations to come. I believe that Adam and Eve were sinners in the Garden of Eden, and that the devil was in the form of a snake in the Garden of Eden that tempted them to sin, and that they were responsible for the creation of sin on earth. I believe that God created Jesus in His image and that He came to earth to conquer sin for all of the people that believe in Him. I believe that the Old Testament is evidence of God’s creation and His plan for life on earth. But because of sin, God’s people could not comply with His word and were unable to be saved. God made a new plan for His people through Jesus Christ our savior. The New Testament is the new covenant with Jesus Christ and is the book of life and knowledge. It is our current guide for living life on earth so that we can have eternal rest in heaven and be forgiven of all of our sins.

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About Women Walking With Jesus

Women Walking with Jesus is a Christian Online Ministry.
Our Mission is to help Women Overcome the Barriers of Daily Living.
While walking gracefully with Jesus.