Ecclesiastes-Wisdom for Living Well- Bible Study. Intro Overview. Lesson 1 continued.

Review discussion questions from Lesson 1:

1.  Did you find that your life is full?

 2.  Do you struggle with feeling full but empty at the same time?

3.  And in what ways?

I discovered that my life feels full, but yet very empty.  I am so full of drama!  Not by choice that is for sure.  The drama filling me up is overwhelming and unfinished incidentals from the past.  As a result I am filled with sadness; stress; depression; and questions.  I do have an abundant amount of faith thank God; and He has carried me through the raging drama of life.  I would not have made it without God in my life as people in the world often choose to keep the drama and throw out the family.  God’s word clearly says to not focus on the things of the world, or be in the company of unbelievers.  God sent Jesus to earth in His image to let people know that Jesus is the light of the world.  If we believe on Him then we have nothing to worry about; even in the midst of the storms.  I do believe this.  Often times we are filled up with the things of the world.  Whether that is people or treasures it doesn’t make a difference.  People and treasures pile up or stop communicating; and result in the feeling of being full.  God wants us to be full of spirit; not sadness and drama.  We cannot change people but we can make changes to ourselves.  Begin to eliminate the things that are filling you up and causing your spirit to dim in the light.  As you replace the negatives with positives in your life, you will become transformed.  The light will get brighter, the emptiness will become full of spirit; and you will replace the full with God while eliminating the “things” holding our hearts hostage making you feel empty.  Start eliminating negative and adding positives today and continue doing this every day for the rest of your life to be able to receive the blessings God has intended for you.   Thank you God for your unconditional love and for Jesus and the opportunity for salvation.  In Jesus name we pray; Amen.

Write a prayer of commitment to God asking for guidance and wisdom and strength to see this study through until the end.  

You will grow in faith, friendships and knowledge.

Hang this prayer in a place that you will see it each day. Decorate your prayer and make this study colorful, fun and joyous!  

Here is my prayer of commitment to God:

 Dear God; I pray to you in Jesus name.  God I’m asking for wisdom and knowledge of your Word so that I can apply it to my daily life and receive the blessings you have promised.  I pray that I’m able to live my life in such a way that is pleasing and acceptable to you, Lord.  God I pray for your wisdom and knowledge so that I can teach others your Word.  Help me with Bible Studies that I teach, and help me have the resources needed to do good work for you. Forgive me because I am a sinner; and thank you for Jesus, and giving us a way to clear our name with you for eternity.  Thank you for helping me teach this entire book of Ecclesiastes and for giving me the knowledge to understand the Words that are written in the book of life.  Thank you God for always being there for me.  Jesus lives in my heart and I will never be forsaken.  Thank you God; thank you Jesus.  In Jesus name; Amen.        

You can use my prayer as a guide to your own and remember we all have different lives so make your prayer personal to your own life.  Remember to ask for the ability to do this entire Bible Study and to receive the blessings that come with learning and applying God’s Word to your life.  

Thank you for joining me this season of  learning the meaning of the Bible book of Ecclesiastes.

Our last project from lesson 1 is to begin writing the scriptures from these lessons. Either make a scripture journal (book) or a notebook, (paper) or index cards to write the scriptures down that I put in the lessons. Sticky notes work to if you have them, ha, ha. The scripture we write today will be available for us to reference in our prayer time as we grow in our faith.  

We are women walking with Jesus. 😇

Ecclesiastes-Wisdom for Living Well- Bible Study. Intro Overview. Lesson 1.

Lesson 1 Preface:  About the authors of the study guide for Ecclesiastes-Wisdom for Living well-Bible Study.

Courtney Joseph and Beverly Wise are a mother-daughter team that wrote this Bible Study Guide, Ecclesiastes-Wisdom for Living Well. Beverly Wise researched the information needed for about nine months before her daughter, Courtney Joseph, turned Beverly’s research into a workbook of knowledge. 

Courtney Joseph and Beverly Wise are a Ministry for Women Team and can be found at Women Living well, LLC. 

Courtney tells us that this book of the Bible is not so sweet, and is straight to the point.  This book rocked her to the core; and we should expect no less.  Courtney says that when we are open to our biggest inner struggles; it is then, that real and genuine life changes take place.  I thank these women for coming into the lives of so many women. It is a blessing for me to lead this study; and I know it is a blessing that we’ve met here together to specifically focus on the book of Ecclesiastes.

Lesson 1 About this book:

Ecclesiastes is a book in the Holy Bible.  It is pronounced (ko-hel-eth) and is spelled (Qoheleth) in Hebrew.  The meaning of Ecclesiastes is that of a teacher; a preacher; or a chosen leader.  The word assembly in Greek is pronounced (ekklesia).  Assembly was also known as church. For the people had an assembly; a coming together to listen to the gospel of Jesus Christ.  The two words put together created this English version,  Ecclesiastes.  Ecclesiastes was written by King Solomon between 970 and 930 B.C.

Lesson 1 Discussion:  About the author of Ecclesiastes:  It’s important  when you read a book in the Bible, to establish the author, time it was written, and the purpose of the book.  So let’s look at take a look.  In Beverly’s research she discovered that not all scholars agree; but traditionally the view is that of King Solomon as being the author.  We are going to look at the details that point to King Solomon as being the author of Ecclesiastes.

Open your Bible to the book of Ecclesiastes and read 1:1.  The author never calls himself by name.  What are three qualities he used to describe himself?

1. The words of the Preacher.

2.  The son of David.

3.  King in Jerusalem.       

Look at Ecclesiastes 1:16 and 2:9.  What do the verses we just read tell us about the author? 

  • That he had a long life filled with wisdom and knowledge, more than those that lived before him in Jerusalem.   

  • He was great; and produced more than all of the Kings that were before him. 

  • And he remained wise throughout his lifetime.

 Now look at Ecclesiastes 12.9  

What did the preacher teach the people?  

  • The preacher was wise and he taught the people knowledge about God.  He set in order, (wrote) many proverbs and songs. 

Now let’s compare what we learned above about the author to what the Bible says about King Solomon.  1Kings 4:29-34.

How are the two similar?

  1.  God gave Solomon wisdom and knowledge exceeding other people.

   2.  Solomon’s fame was known in all nations.

   3.  And he spoke many proverbs and songs.

   4.  The people gathered to hear the wisdom.

In Ecclesiastes 2:4-10 the author describes his vast wealth.  Describe his life below:

  • The author became very wealthy building houses and planting vineyards.  

  • He made gardens and orchids and he planted trees to bear fruit.

  •  He made pools of water to water the trees.

  • The author had maids and servants some that were born in His house.  

  • The author had great possessions of cattle and possessed gold and silver and peculiar treasures of kings.  

  • He got men and women singers musical instruments of all kinds.  

  • He was great and kept his wisdom forever.  

  • He did not withhold joy and his heart and He rejoiced in his labour.

Now compare Solomon’s wealth in 1 Kings 10:21-27.

  •  Solomon had pure gold.  

  • King Solomon exceeded all of the kings of the earth for riches and wisdom.  

  • All of the earth sought Solomon to hear the wisdom God put in his heart.

  •  Pleasure, success and riches cannot make people happy.

So it’s clear that the author of Ecclesiastes is King Solomon.

 He most likely wrote this book near the end of his life as he reflected on His past.  We can be thankful that a man of His wisdom sought meaning in all the wrong places and wrote it all down in a journal so that we can be saved the heartache of seeking fulfillment in the wrong places today.  

Lesson 1
Is your life full?
  • Write a paragraph about your situation.  

  • Is your life full?  Explain why?

  • Do you struggle with feeling too full, yet empty?  Explain?

  • In what ways is your life too full? 

  • Why do you still feel empty?

Thank you for joining me.  We are Women Walking With Jesus.  🙂