One Day A Year.

Thanksgiving is the one day; out of the calendar year; that families plan to come together and be thankful for one another.

Most families have a planned destination for their family thanksgiving event and everyone meets there at a time that has previously been established by the family members. Families even travel out of town to one another’s homes to make it for thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving is a time for family to get-together. It is the one day a year that families interact with one another in a relaxed environment. Talking, laughing and playing yard games, are some of the the simple pleasures that they experience. On rainy years everyone just plays indoors. No matter what it was a lot of fun. Even the adults joined in on the activities. Thanksgiving is the one day a year that family unity actually exists.

Grandparents get to visit with their grandchildren, siblings re-connect with each other, and cousins become acquainted. The atmosphere is wonderful, filled with laughter and cheer and love. Any strife in the family over the past year is no longer an issue on this day.

The smell of turkey and stuffing;  pies; and bread,; fill the air with edible aroma;  and football is playing on a television in the background.  The volume elevated to overpower the voices talking nearby.

A prayer is said prior to dinner; and if praying is not a routine for some folks, they go ahead join in anyway. And everyone said; “amen.”

Time to fix a plate. Be sure to pile as much food the plate as possible; grab a drink and find an empty seat. Usually everyone sits in a group; such as; the adults sitting together at one table and the children sitting together at another table. Or something similar. The family eats until their heart’s content, usually eating way too much, which leaves them groaning when they leave the table.

The men seem to maneuver into the room where football is playing on television and often fall asleep in the chair or wherever they are sitting.  The children run away to play; far away from the grown ups and the women usually clean up the dinner mess.  A stigma that has stuck with Thanksgiving for eternity, when it comes to the women doing all of the clean up.  They put away all of the food and wash the dishes before finally taking the time to sit down and visit with family.

When all is said and done; the families begin leaving to their homes and motels. Some family members stay with the host of the house and spend more time together. No matter what, it is another successful thanksgiving day.

In closing we see that the traditions we create with friends and family are possibly one of the most obvious forms of thanksgiving. Traditions together as a family remind us of the seasons in which we’ve seen God active and present in our lives.

The Jewish tradition includes several feasts as a form of remembrance. The Passover meal with Jesus and his apostles, the Feast of Tabernacles, etc…these are examples the feasts noted in Scripture to the community of believers coming together to remember the past and respond in gratitude to God.

One Day A Year!

Happy thanksgiving!

By Author: Christa Johnson

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