One Day a Year

Traditionally Thanksgiving is meant to be a time for family to get-together.

Most families will have a planned destination for their family thanksgiving event and everyone meets there at a time that has previously been established by everyone.

Thanksgiving is only one day, out of the 365 days in a year, that families plans to come together and be thankful for each other.

Grandparents get to visit with their grandchildren, siblings re-connect with each other, and cousins become acquainted. The atmosphere is wonderful, full of laughter and cheer and love.

The smell of turkey and stuffing;  pies; and bread,; fill the air with edible aroma;  and football is playing on a television in the background.  The volume elevated to overpower the voices talking nearby.

A prayer is said prior to dinner; even if praying is not a routine to the group; and everyone says, “amen.”

Time to fix a plate. Be sure to pile as much food on it as possible; grab a drink and find an empty seat. Usually everyone sits in a group; such as; the adults sitting together at one table and the children sitting together at another table. Or something similar. The family eats until their heart’s content, usually eating way too much, which leaves them full and miserable.

The men seem to maneuver into the room where football is playing on television and often fall asleep in the chair or wherever they are sitting.  The children run away to play; far away from the grown ups and the women usually clean up the dinner mess.  A stigma that has stuck with Thanksgiving for eternity, when it comes to the women doing all of the clean up.  They put away all of the food and wash the dishes before finally taking the time to sit down and visit with family.

Some of the adults play cards or trivia or other games of choice. Often including any children that want to play the game too.  Depending on the weather; games are often set up outdoors and many of the adults can be found outdoors playing tag or football with the children.

Thanksgiving is only one day out of 365 days that most families will gather together.

Thanksgiving is usually the one day a year that families will interact with one another in a relaxed environment.  Talking, laughing and playing games with each other.  It’s the one day a year that family unity can actually exists.  It’s the one day a year that some families even pray together.

One Day out of 365 Days A Year.

Happy thanksgiving!

By Author: Christa Johnson,  aka: catj35.




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