Attaining God’s Best

Attaining God’s best can be found in Psalm 145:18-19. 

We have seen that idolatry involves giving someone or something priority over the Lord.  It leads to “Missing His Best.”  Scripture also warns us about other obstacles that hinder our receiving God’s blessings.

As followers of Jesus, we know that we are to pray to our heavenly father when we have needs, or desire something.  (Phil. 4:6).  The sad truth is that many of God’s children fail to do so.  Some people may be “to busy” to bring their requests to the Lord.  And some people talk to God in a general or mechanical way, without the genuine heartfelt communication He desires.

Christians should come humbly before His throne, bringing their requests and a submissive spirit. (1 Pet. 5:5-6).  This means that we are to yearn for God’s will above all else, even above, what we think is best. It’s important to acknowledge that God may have something better in mind.  Then, as we faithfully pray, God may remove or alter certain longings, so that our desires begin to align with His.  

The Bible continues to tell us to approach God with confidence and faith, (Heb. 4:16; James 1:6).  This means that when we pray and seek the Father’s will, we should anticipate that He will answer.  As Isaiah 64:4 reminds us that “God acts in behalf of the ones that wait for Him.

Our Father desires to pour blesssing into the lives of His children.  Don’t allow prayerlessness to prevent His best.  Express your needs and wants to God confidently and specifically.  Then submit your will to His, an wait expectantly.  He is faithful-you will see!

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