God’s Blessings

Today’s Devotion and music is by:

Christa Johnson

Have a Blessed Day 😇




God’s Blessings:

Our Heavenly Father loves meeting His children’s needs and fulfilling their desires. However, so many Christians walk through life with far less than God’s best.

How can we avoid missing out on the Lord’s blessings?

Psalm 81 provides us with insight. Read Psalm 81.

The writer refers to a time when the Israelites missed the opportunity to receive God’s best. From the book of Exodus, we know that the nation praised him great fully for their release from bondage. Before long they forgot and started worshipping other God’s and complained about their circumstances while out in the wilderness. This unhealthy pattern of living continued all throughout the Old Testament. The people would turn to God during their times of need; but would quickly drift away thereafter, not turning to God until a crisis again.

Psalm 81:8-10 reveal God’s perspective: “O Israel, if you would listen to Me! Let there be no strange god among you…I, the Lord, am your God, who brought you u from the land of Egypt; open your mouth wide and I will fill it.”

In our own lives we might have needs and desires that are unmet; due to disobedience.

Today our idols are less obvious than the statues the Israelites worshipped. Today we might include a job, a hobby, a relationship, or anything that you put ahead of the Lord. Even making decisions based on what others think can be considered idolatry. Our choice should always be made on the biblical principle and the Holy Spirit’s guidance.

Today, ask the Lord to reveal anything that is hindering your receiving His best.

Listen carefully and let Him help you with the areas He brings to your attention.

God is ready to guide and bless you.

Thank you, Lord God and thank You Almighty Jesus, Amen!