Worship at Christmas

Have a blessed day!


Mathew 2:7-11

For the past couple of Friday’s we have been examining three reactions to Christmas. Today we will talk about the third reaction toward Christmas.

Out of all the reactions toward Christmas, worship is the one reaction that pleases God. Unlike the scribes and chief priests who showed no interest in reporting the birth of the Messiah, or Herod, who responded with hatred, we have every reason to rejoice greatly that Jesus came to the earth in human flesh. We are truly blessed that Christ’s purpose in coming was for His death on the cross to pay the penalty of our sins.

The magi traveled all the way from the East for the sole purpose of worshipping the infant King of the Jewish people. They knew that a star signaled His birth, and they journeyed hundreds of miles to find Him.

The magi believed that God was leading them to the King, and when they finally arrived in Bethelehem, they worshipped the Christ child by humbling themselves and presenting Him with gifts. These were wealthy, respected men, and they considered that little boy to be greater than themselves.

This year we need to compare our response to the Savior with the magi’s example of worship.

Is Jesus the focus of our celebrations, or have we let other interests take first place?

Are we more concerned about gifts for friends and family than we are about self-sacrifice for the Lord’s sake?

It’s easy to become focused on the traditions of Christmas to the point that we lose sight of Jesus.

So let’s step back in time and imagine all the inconveniences, setbacks, and vulnerability the magi endured in their pursuit of the infant King.

Shouldn’t we also be willing to follow Him, no matter what it takes?