Ecclesiastes -Wisdom for Living Well- The Vanity of Work. Lesson 11.

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Open up your Bible to Ecclesiastes 2:18-26

Slowly read and color code these verses.  Remember, color coding is optional.  Here is the color coding chart to help you.


The Futility of Labour 

Solomon was the King of Israel and God had blessed him with knowledge, wisdom and wealth.  

Solomon was learning the meaning of life under the sun, but without including God in his daily life. Solomon did not have direction for his own life because of this.  

This is also “Vanity.” ¬†

He hated all of his labour that he had done under the sun! ¬†He hated the fact that all that he laboured for, his long hard work would account for nothing. ¬†“Why even bother,” said Solomon. ¬†None of it will go to heaven with him, but instead his belongings will be given away, and left to the men living after him. ¬†And who knows if it will be left to the wise man or the fool, but we do know that he shall have rule over all of Solomon’s treasures that he laboured for under the sun. ¬†Even if the men did not labour for any of it! He’s the one that laboured under the sun showing himself wise! ¬†

This is also “Vanity” and great evil! ¬†

So Solomon went on with his life living with a heart full of despair. ¬†Again, Solomon asks with vexation in his heart, “why did he bother to labour under the sun?” Each day has sorrows and grief and because of this his heart does not rest in the night.

This too is “Vanity.”¬†

God gives to a man the things that are good in his sight. Wisdom, knowledge and joy.  But to the sinner He gives travail, to gather and heap up, so that he may give to people who are good before God.  

This is also “Vanity” and “Vexation” of spirit. ¬† ¬†

In Verse 18, we can see that Solomon hated something.  

1.  What did he hate and why?

Solomon hates the thought of all of his labour under the sun not going to heaven with him.  He hates the thought that all of his own labour will be left behind. Another man will take his possessions whether he is a wise man or a fool.  Solomon hates giving his hard earned things to another man who did not labour for any of it.   

In Verse 20, Solomon tells us that after considering all of this; his heart was in despair and he became depressed.  

Labouring under the sun will never fill us up and neither will the treasures obtained because of our labour.  

We are left empty when we do not have God in our daily lives.  

2.  According to verse 23, what happens at night to the workaholic and how long does this last?

The workaholic cannot rest at night.  His heart feels grief for all of his days are sorrows and travail.

This is also “Vanity.”

3.  Have you experienced this in life?  (Committing to something and then regretting it later.)  

  • Write about this time and what you learned from it?

4.  In Conclusion, Solomon finally brings God into the picture!  

  • What do verses 24-26 say about Solomon’s solution to his problems? ¬†

  • Solomon sees that to eat, drink and enjoy goodness from your labour, is given from the hand of the almighty God.¬†

  • For God gives Wisdom and Knowledge and Joy to His people.¬†

  • Vanity is the unsaved sinner.¬† They have toil and they gather material things; piled in a heap to give to the Lord.¬† All is vanity and vexation of spirit.

5.  Have you considered your own mortality?

6.  How will you be remembered?

7.  What will your legacy be?

Closing Prayer: 

Dear God,

We come together in prayer today.  Thank you for the simple pleasures in life that come from your hand as food and drink. 

God you are good and in your hands are wisdom and joy. 

Help us to use our talents, time and hard work for your glory. 

Give us a sweet night of rest tonight. 

In Jesus’ name we pray.¬†

Thank you Jesus, thank you God.  Amen!

We are Women Walking With Jesus.¬† Thank you for joining me.¬† ūüôā