Ecclesiastes -Wisdom for Living Well- The Vanity of Wisdom. Lesson 8.


Verse:  Psalm 90:14  

Satisfy us in the morning with your steadfast love, so that we may rejoice and be glad all of our days.  

What does this verse mean to you?  

Wake us in the morning Lord; and satisfy us with your never-ending love so that we can rejoice; and be happy; and glad for all of our days.  Forever!

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Read and/or color code the scriptures in Ecclesiastes 1:12-18.  

*Remember, color coding is optional, but helpful in slowing us down while reading.*  


What does this scripture say?  

Vanity of Human Wisdom:

The preacher; was also the King of Jerusalem who was named Solomon. God blessed him in the beginning with more wisdom than anyone before him or anyone after him. He searched with his heart to find out everything that happens under the heaven. This sore travail; or this hard path that God has given man to follow will not be easy and will be traveled regardless of how hard it becomes.  


How do we know that verse 14 is Solomon looking for humans to have some of their own wisdom, apart from God’s wisdom?

Solomon tells us that he has seen all of the works that are done under the sun, and he has discovered that it is all vanity and vexation of spirit.  He is looking at a man’s life under the sun.  Solomon is looking at this with an earthly perspective instead of an above the sun view.  

As believers in Jesus Christ, we have one goal: Trust in the Lord with all of your heart!  Fill your life with God and you will be shown above the sun answers to your earthly questions.  



Why does Solomon call our work under heaven an “unhappy business”?  

He tells us that all things are filled with labour.  And there are no new things under the sun.  What comes around goes back around, and the earth stays the same. The more wisdom a person has the more grief they have as well; and the person that increases knowledge also increases sorrow.  Nothing on earth can fill you up. Only the Spirit can.  Nothing on earth can make you happy.  Only the Spirit can.

Life is hard living under the sun.  The curse beginning, at the Garden of Eden, has been hanging over us forever.  And the fallen world we live in makes living here even more difficult.  

Verse 15 Concludes:  

That which is crooked cannot be made straight; and that which is wanting cannot be numbered.  

Verse 15 is considered a Proverb.  

A proverb is a short pithy saying stating a general truth.

This world is crooked and people are crooked too. Whether it is metal or people, crooked cannot be made straight.  Therefore, don’t waste your time trying.  And the number of people wanting is never-ending! Everyone wants something! But they do not receive anything unless they believe upon the Lord God; and Jesus Christ our Savior.  

Read verses 16 & 17.  

Solomon not only searched out wisdom and knowledge but what else did he seek to know in verse 17?  

He also seeked to know madness and folly; understanding this is also vexation of spirit.  

Why do you think he wanted to know about this?

Solomon wanted to know how their pleasure felt; even though it was all vanity.  He drank wine and laughed. He laboured in his works and it turned out to be all vanity and vexation of spirit!  There was no profit under the sun.  

Verse 17 could be a reference to Solomon’s turning away from God and turning to idolatry and disobedience.  (1 Kings 11:1-9).  

Did Solomon find joy in madness and folly?  

No, Solomon did not find joy and happiness in folly and madness.   

If we try too hard to understand life and the meaning for it, we are left empty.  It can get frustrating and depressing.  Solomon concludes that human wisdom is pretty much useless and only brings pain and sorrow.  

Set your minds on things that are above, not on things that are on earth. Colossians 3:2.  

Solomon did not set his mind on things above the earth. All that he was interested in, turned out to be temporary things of the earth.  Nothing satisfied Solomon.

Satisfy us in the morning with your steadfast love, so that we may rejoice and be glad all of our days.  Psalm 90:14

Discussion Questions:  

1. What Lessons have you learned so far about the meaning of work, knowledge and wisdom?

I have learned that God wants us to work for our needs. Nothing in this world is free.  We must pay for our own way in this world and legitimately work for everything that we obtain on earth.  The more you work does not improve the outcome on how much you will receive. Knowledge increases are good, however, the more you know the harder life is.  Knowledge brings negative results on earth.  Wisdom is the same as knowledge.  On earth people are not thankful, but instead think of a person with wisdom as a big-headed person that thinks they are better than other people.  


How are you living?  Are you living only for this world, “under the sun” and “chasing after the wind,” or are you living for Jesus, who is the Creator of the sun and is above the sun?  

I am living for Jesus who is the Creator of the sun and is above the sun.  I am not living only for this world and I realize that is not the correct thing to do.  We must live in this world; work for a living; and stay focused on Jesus, who is not of this world.  

Closing Prayer;

Dear God,

Thank you for your constant and perfect love that never fails.  

Help us to seek wisdom in your Word on a daily basis.  

Help us to serve and to work for your glory and not our own.  

Give us joy on our journey of life.

 In Jesus name we pray, Amen.

Thank you for joining me.  

We are Women Walking with Jesus.  🙂