Ecclesiastes -Wisdom for Living Well-About the author of Ecclesiastes. Review lessons 1-5.

Review Lessons 1-5.  Establishing who the author is of the book of Ecclesiastes.

  1. Ecclesiastes is a book in the Holy Bible. 

  2. Ecclesiastes is pronounced (ko-hel-eth).  And spelled (Qoheleth) in Hebrew.  

  3. The meaning of Ecclesiastes is that of a teacher; a preacher; or a chosen leader.

  4. The word assembly in Greek was pronounced (ekklesia).  Assembly was also known as church.  The people had an assembly; a coming together to listen to the gospel of Jesus Christ.  The two words put together created the English version; Ecclesiastes.

  5. Ecclesiastes was written between 970 and 930 B.C. (Before Christ).

  6. When you read a book in the Bible it is important to understand:

  7. who wrote it;

  8. the time it was written;

  9. and the purpose of the book.

In Beverly Wise’s research she discovered that not all scholars agree on who the author was of this book.  However; traditionally the view is that King Solomon was the author of  Ecclesiastes. 

Let’s look at the details of evidence that King Solomon is the author of Ecclesiastes.

Open up your Bible to Ecclesiastes and read 1:1.  The author never calls himself by name.  The three qualities he used to describe himself were:

  1. He had the words of a preacher.

  2. He was the son of David. 

  3. He was the King of Jerusalem.

Now look at Ecclesiastes 1:16 and 2:9.  What do the verses we just read tell us about the author?

  1. These verses tell us that the author had a long life filled with wisdom and knowledge more than the Kings that lived before him.

  2. He was great and produced more than all the Kings before him. 

  3. He remained wise his entire life.

    Now look at Ecclesiastes 12:9.                                    What did the preacher teach the people?

  4.  The preacher taught the people knowledge about God.  He wrote many proverbs and songs.

Now open up your Bible to Ecclesiastes 2:4-10.            

 The author becomes wealthy building houses and planting vineyards.  He made gardens and orchards and planted trees to bear fruit.  He made pools of water to nourish his crops.  The author had maids and servants.  The author had great possessions of cattle and gold and silver and treasures of interest.  The author was great, and kept his wisdom forever.  He did not have joy in his heart but rejoiced in his labour.

So in Ecclesiastes the author gives us many clues as to who he is.

 How are the two similar?                       

Now look in 1Kings 4:29-34.

1.  God gave Solomon wisdom and knowledge exceeding all other Kings.  

2.   Solomon’s fame was known in all nations.  

3.  Solomon spoke many proverbs and songs.

4.  The people gathered around Solomon to hear his wisdom.

 Now look in 1Kings 10:21-27.

 1.  Solomon had pure gold.  

2. King Solomon exceeded all of the Kings of the earth      for riches and wisdom.  

3. All of the earth sought Solomon for his wisdom and  knowledge that God put in his heart.  

4. And in the end of Solomon’s life his heart was not happy. Pleasure, success, and riches cannot make people happy within their hearts.

When comparing the author of Ecclesiastes with 1Kings and what God says about Solomon; I think we can establish that the author of the book of the Bible of Ecclesiastes is Solomon.  

King Solomon is the author of Ecclesiastes.  

King Solomon wrote the book of Ecclesiastes near the end of his life. As he reflected back he was able to see that all of his riches and treasures; the many wives and servants and maids; the abundance of horses and cattle; all of these things he thought were bringing him happiness in his life were nothing more than things of the world. And near his end he realizes this. None of the things of the world offered him the peace, love and happiness that God had to offer. Solomon lost site of God through the world and the things in it and his heart was left empty in the end.

This concludes our study on the author of Ecclesiastes.  Now we will begin to read what Solomon tells us in this book he wrote and what he says to do in this life to be full in the end.

Thank you for joining me.  We are Women Walking With Jesus.  🙂