Ecclesiastes -Wisdom for Living Well- Bible Study. Born Again. Lesson 3.

At the end of lesson 2

 I mentioned that we would begin lesson 3 with scripture and prayer to be Born Again.  

If you have already been born again, a review of God’s Word is food for the soul.  So a review of John 3:1-16 is a good idea.

One thing for sure is that there is never too much praying; Amen!  

Get out your Bible and turn to John 3:1-16 and read what it says.  

  • A man of the Pharisees named Nicodemus, who was a ruler of the jews, came at night to see Jesus. He knew Jesus was a teacher that came from God because no man could do the miracles that He was doing.  

  • Jesus answered him saying; “except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.”

  • Nicodemus could not understand how a grown man could go back into their mother’s womb and be born again.  

  • So Jesus told him, “unless a man is born of water and spirit, he cannot enter into the kingdom of heaven.” “The flesh is born of flesh and the spirit is born of spirit.”   Jesus promises Nicodemus that everything He is saying is true.  

  • “Whoever believes in God will not perish, but have eternal life.”  

  • “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son; so whoever believes in Him will not perish, but have everlasting life.”  

  • So before John was cast into prison; he baptized many people.

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 Memorize the scripture John 3:16.    

For God so loved the world, that He gave His only born son as sacrifice. Whoever will believe in Jesus should not perish, but have eternal everlasting life.  

Read John 3:1-16.  

  • Confess this to God; having no doubt in your heart that God’s Word is true; and trust in the Lord completely; even beyond your own understanding.   

  • Believe that Jesus is your Savior;  

  • Believe you are born again and have eternal life.  

  • You are saved. born again by God’s new covenant to His people through Jesus.   You are like a new person in Jesus Christ.  

  • Things will begin to change over the days and you will get better at understanding God’s Holy Bible.  

  • His scripture and how to use His word for effective prayer in your life will be revealed to you.  

(Remember to write John 3:16  in your journal after this).

Baptism is often part of the ritual after becoming Born Again. Along with prayer of John 3:16.

You might have been baptised as an infant or a child at the family church.

  • How much did this mean as a child personally?  

  • Did you understand the meaning of being baptised?  

  • What is your memory of baptism?  

Here is what I remember about being baptised as a child:  

  • I was baptised at age 10 in a church that my mom attended for a short time.

  • My baby brother was baptised that day too.  

  • I remember dressing up in nice clothes and going to church.  

  • In a small room there was what looked like a bird bath to me in the middle of the floor and it even had water in it.  

  • A man dressed in a heavy white robe with a scarf around his neck came in.  I was instructed to stand in front of the bird bath and the man in the robe began praying. I could not understand the words that came out of his mouth, even though I really tried. It wasn’t a real comfortable situation.

  •  He then held my face and placed three drops of water across my head while mumbling more words that I couldn’t understand.  

  • When he was done I thanked God that it was over!  (Quietly, to myself).
  • My poor baby brother cried his little heart out, he was terrified by what was happening to him.  As a baby he had no idea what was going on!

  •  I didn’t either at 10 years old.  

  • We both got a Certificate of Baptism for the event.

In my late 20’s I had an adult mindset and I made a choice to get baptised again.  This time I knew the reason I was getting baptised and the meaning of the ceremony.

  • I believed in the Lord without a doubt.

  • I wanted the blessings of wisdom and knowledge.

  • I wanted uunderstanding of the scriptures that were written in God’s Bible.  

I chose the total submersion method of baptism.  Where your whole body is placed in the water.  

  • A real spiritual experience happened to me that day and I was able to understand scriptures over many seasons now.  

  • Since being Born Again & Saved I have gained much knowledge over the many seasons it has already been since that day. 

  • I am anointed with the knowledge of God’s word.  And Jesus does live in my heart.  

  • I have been shown how to use the scriptures in my real life to move mountains; and find peace through difficult times.

  • Baptism is an option that you can think about and talk about with your loved ones.  The main thing is for you to want to get baptized for the right reasons. Want this for yourself so that you grow in your relationship with God.  

  • The scripture of John 3:16 is sufficient at to be Saved and Born Again.

  • We will study the book of John in a different Bible Study.

  • This concludes our insert on becoming Saved and Born again. 

  • You now have the necessary scripture to pray for yourself to be a Born Again Christian.  

  • Saved by the blood of Jesus.

  • Invite friends and family to join you so they can be saved too.

  • Thank you for joining me in becoming Saved.  

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We are Women Walking with Jesus.  🙂