Ecclesiastes-Wisdom for Living Well- Bible Study- Your Story. Lesson 2 continued.

Review discussion questions from lesson 2:

1.  Do you have peace today?  Why or why not?

Today I feel peace with my current life decisions to make my life better regardless of how other people behave.  I’m at peace with my husband and the family I do have available.  I’m at peace with my decision to write poetry, quotes, articles, and about life in general.  I’m feeling at peace learning and teaching Bible study.  Although there are negative issues occuring aroung me; I feel at peace with my decision to cut out the negative so I can remain positive.

 2.  What is your parent’s story and how does it intertwine with your story?  Did they have peace?

My parent’s story:  My dad was an abusive man.  He beat my mom nearly every day and would call her bad names, etc… There was not any peace in the household really since I never knew when my dad would fly off the handle.  As a little girl I had to take care of my mom after my dad would beat her because he would just leave the house afterwards.  I talked her into being brave enough to leave him when I was approximately 8 years old.  Their story intertwines with mine in that I accidentally found an abusive man that I thought I was in love with.  Luckily I realized this was happening; so I would not allow abuse and would leave or move completely out.  It took me awhile to get totally away from this man as he would always return telling me that he loved me.  Believe him? Or not?  A few years of back and forth in this situation led me to finally leave him and never return.  Unfortunately my mom never found complete peace and is passed away now.  My dad ran off to live a life of wealth with a new family and forgot about me completely.  He is an example of how money can be the root of all evil.  I eventually found a great husband that does not have violence in his upbringing.  Thank you God!

Everyone desires peace in their life; but to obtain that peace is often a struggle.  Too many things and too many people get in the way of simply just living a life full of peace.  Remember that life is precious so don’t waste time on the negatives of the world, but instead focus on what and who is a positive influence in your daily life.                                                                            

Take a moment to relax.  Wherever you feel comfortable just close your eyes, and relax.  Do deep breathing excersizes; breathe in through the nose slowly; hold it for a second;  and now let out the air slowly and then repeat.  Do this about 5-10 times,  stopping at any time if you start feeling light headed.  Whenever your peace is challenged either by the things in the world or the people try this deep breathing excersize to gain an inner peace.  Don’t let the world suck you into its negative aura. But continue to help yourself overcome each situation by the peace from within your soul.  Just breathe!            

How is your day going?                                                          

Do you have peace today?

Ask yourself this question daily.  Do you have peace today? Or is something or someone interferring with your peace? We can have days where we feel both peace and later we do not.  Whatever might be the case; we need to focus on peace throughout the day.  With all of the negative worldly issues and demands put on us at all times isn’t easy to keep a calm and peaceful demeaner. Being at peace is also a health benefit to the body.  Being more peaceful can help in lowering blood pressure; anxiety; and depression as well as many other ailments.  Diet and rest are also an important factor.  In order for us to find peace we need to feed our entire body with nutrients.  The deep peace that lives in our hearts is provided by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  Amen!               

3.  All generations of people over the years investigate real life issues and questions.  

They ask questions like;  

  • Who am I? 

  • And why am I here?  

  • What is the meaning and purpose of my life?  

  • These are good questions to ask yourself. I too, have asked myself these same questions.  Maybe an answer doesn’t just pop into your head and you get frustrated trying to figure it out…  Take a break. Go back to the deep breathing excersizes above so you can find your inner peace again; and put these questions on hold for a short period of time.  Throughout this Bible study; pray for knowledge and wisdom.  Pray for the Lord to help you understand what your purpose is and start acting on the answers. Be good to yourself and be patient.

Jesus is our true source of life.  He is knowledge to our souls and wisdom to our ears.  I thank God for giving us a way to salvation.  

  • Have you chosen to follow Jesus?

  • Have you chosen to be born again?

  • In Lesson 3 we will be praying  for those who want to be saved.  

  • And we will pray for those of us already saved to renew our heart and spirit. 

Thank you for joining me today for Lesson 2.  

We are women walking with Jesus.  🙂