Ecclesiaste -Wisdom for Living Well- Let’s Begin. Lesson 6.

Let’s Begin:

Beverly Wise would look up original definitions of the Bible in Hebrew and Greek, and would make notes in the margins of her Bible.  If something did not make sence to Beverly she would research Bible Dictionaries; other versions of the Bible; and ask her commentaries so that she could completely understand what God was telling her.  Beverly Wise worked very hard at understanding scriptures in the Holy Bible.

We should all put in at least this much effort to understand the scriptures in the Holy Bible.  God’s Word.  The book of life that God wrote through inspiring his disciples to tell the people what is the truth.  The directions to living this life that God has given us.

Verse of  the Day:  

Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a worker who has no need to be ashamed, rightly handling the word of truth.  

2 Timothy 2:15 (ESV)


Please add this scripture to your Scripture Journal.  🙂

We will be adding some color coding to our journals.

You can also choose to color code in your Bible or get a new Bible just for color coding; I am going to start color coding in my Bible and my Scripture Journal.  Feel free to color code in one or more of the options mentioned above, or if you have new ideas that you would like to try; that’s fine too.  

In the workbook for Ecclesiastes Wisdom for Living Well; there is a Color Coding chart that I will post below for you to use.  

Beverly Wise uses the SOAK method for color coding. She created this unique way to color code scripture; and by doing this; she also gained more knowledge and wisdom from the scriptures themselves. Taking your time to read God’s Word is important. And gives us a much better understanding.   

Color Coding is just an option; however; I hope you will give it a try.  It will be a fun way to learn. I know I am going to try the Color Coding that Beverly Wise used in the study guide.  



I can’t wait to find out how this is working for everyone a little further into this study!  We can talk about how our color coding is going.  And talk about how it is helping you learn.  🙂

Open your Bible to Ecclesiastes 1 verse 1.   Color it orange.  Remember in Lesson 1; the author introduces himself as the Preacher, the son of David and the King of Jerusalem.  

Now read verse 2, and color it blue.  In the original language of Hebrew, the word “hebel”, is used for vanity, which means emptiness.  Vanity of vanities, says the Preacher.  All is vanity.  Ecc. 1:2             Vanity of vanities shows that life is extremely vain and life can feel empty and futile.

Now read Ecclesiastes 1:3 and color it blue.

The most important phrase in understanding the text of Ecclesiastes is the term “under the sun“, which is used 29 times in this book.                                                          

This reveals the perspective of the author, as he journals his search for meaning in wealth and wisdom and projects and women and anything…but God.  

When we search “under the sun“, for meaning-all we find is an empty treadmill with nothing that satisfies. Why?  Because we must look above the sun for our answers.                                                                                    

But we all live like this sometimes; looking for the next night out, the next shopping mall trip, or the next movie to watch.  Always moving from thing to thing looking for out next rainbow.  We chase after the wind instead of chasing after our savior.                                        

Nothing under the sun can satisfy our souls.  Nothing can satisfy our souls like knowing and walking with the Lord God.  We know this in our heads, but do we live like we believe this?  

We live in a culture that doesn’t believe people need God.  Or that the only time people need God is during a crisis.  At times of crisis people blame God and become angry at Him instead of humbling themselves before Him.  But this kind of living will lead to further problems, confusion, depression, and disillusionment in this life “under the sun.”

Today we are going to look ahead to see how Solomon’s story will finish.  Open your Bible to Ecclesiastes 12:13 & 14, to the final words of Solomon.                                        

What 2 things does Solomon conclude in verse 13?  Solomon concludes that we must hear the entire matter.  

(1)Fear God, and;

(2)keep his commandments; for this is the whole duty of man.  

We will look at this passage deeper a little later.      

But for now we know where we are headed through our journey through Ecclesiastes.  This journey may cause us to wrestle with the reality of “life under the sun“, but we are not left without hope.  

Ecclesiastes 12:13 opens the door to peace, hope and joy like none other.  

Let’s start with God today!  🙂  

Jesus said, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life.  No one comes to the Father except through me”.  John 14:6

The truth of Jesus’s death on the cross made a way for us to live an abundant life free of emptiness! Jesus gives us forgiveness of our sins; a personal relationship with Him; and a hope for eternal life.  

As we strive to become women walking with Jesus; let us always remember that Jesus is our living well.  He is our living water and we must go to Him daily to be refreshed.

Discussion Question:

Read John 3:16.  What does this passage mean to you?  Write this question for the next lesson.  We will begin with this verse.  

Closing Prayer:  

Dear God,  You are so good Father.  Thank you for the sacrifice of your Son and the forgiveness of our sins. Forgive us for putting our hope and trust in the wrong things.  Help us not to chase after empty and futile things and open our eyes and hearts to understand your word clearly.  Change us and make us more like you.  May we find joy and peace in your presence and a life full of meaning for your glory.  In Jesus name we pray, Amen.  

Thank you for joining me.  

We are Women Walking With Jesus.  🙂